John Alexander

Google Spreadsheet to Pull Course ID's by SIS ID's

Discussion created by John Alexander on Mar 28, 2017
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First time poster here. We're relatively new to Canvas, so I don't know much (translate: anything) yet about Canvas API calling using Google Spreadsheets. I've tried looking at a couple of spreadsheets others have built, but I haven't found what I need yet. Therefore, I have a couple of questions.


  1. Where will I find the documentation to use Google Spreadsheets to pull data from Canvas?
  2. Specifically, I need to create a spreadsheet with a list of SIS ID's, query Canvas, and receive a return of corresponding course ID's.


I've figured out how to use the course ID's for my purpose (Thanks to Hammer of the Gods!), but I have only SIS ID's available to me. Once I have the course ID's, I can then continue the project.


Thanks in advance, especially if you can direct me to the documentation I need.