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Storyline Output Files not recognized as SCORM

Question asked by Joseph Yankus on Mar 28, 2017
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I have an Articulate Storyline output folder that was exported from an eCollege course that I am trying to bring into Canvas. I uploaded it as a SCORM package, but Canvas does not recognize it as one and therefore will not accept it.


As an alternative, I uploaded the output folder to the Files section of the course, but the training is not running that way. I tried to run the Flash and HTML5 versions by linking to the launch files in a module, and they either load a blank page or half of the Storyline player and not the training itself.


I do not have access to the original Storyline project file to try to re-export it, as this was created a few years ago and by a departed colleague. I also do not have any kind of alternate FTP space to host the training on. I need to do it in Canvas, and the only thing I have to work with is the pre-existing exported files. 


Any words of wisdom, work arounds, or anything I can do here?


Thanks for your help,