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Do users have to be added at root level before they can be added to a course in a sub-account?

Question asked by Melinda Yerdon on Mar 27, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Anthony Bunag

I am trying to set up sub-account admins to create their own courses and add faculty and students to those courses manually. The students are not already users in Canvas and when the sub-account admins try to add them to courses via email, it says users not found, and they cannot add them. However, as an admin at the root account, I can add them to a course even if they are not a user in Canvas:

Students then get a course invitation via email to join the course and set their password. Is there anyway for an admin of a sub-account to do the same thing? All permissions that are enabled for account admins are enabled for sub-account admins.

Any input is greatly appreciated!