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Active Courses report?

Discussion created by Anthony Bunag Expert on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Gerald Q. Maguire

Hi All,


Anyone running reporting on which courses are being used?  Currently we send all courses from SIS to Banner, so we end up with a lot of unused classes.  However, we're trying to get more information than just if a course is published or not.  In a perfect world, my institution would like a report that identifies courses that are published, and have either a syllabus or uploaded files.  I can get the published courses by getting a full list of courses and removing the ones that show on the unpublished report, and Instructure has a report for Syllabus available for purchase, but I'm stuck on trying to check if there's any files uploaded in a course.


Anyone tried anything like this?  Any existing reports that I'm missing?


Thanks for any help.