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Question asked by Mark Panning on Mar 30, 2017
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I am new to canvas API script writing and have been using a script from the canvas scripts in github called pull_course_grades.php.  I have a course that I want to get the final grade from that has 130 students enrolled. The script I am using is pull_course_grades and has two steps.  Step one to get the list of students enrolled and step 2 to get their final grade.  The first step returns the list of students, but the second step returns an error 'too many students'.  I assume this is telling me I have too many students in the class to return the final grade for.  When I use another course with much smaller enrollment, step 2 works fine.


The question I have is I am not sure how to avoid the error when getting the final grade when I have a large number enrolled?  I have searched the community site, but have not really found how to solve this.  Is there a filter parameter or field that I can limit what is sent back?


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