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Posting modules with outcomes and question banks to Commons

Question asked by Eric Orton on Apr 3, 2017
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We are migrating from another LMS. In that LMS, I have a master course that contains modules used to build other courses, so that I am able to more easily maintain these derivative courses by making content and assessment edits only in the master. I am trying to do the same thing in Canvas by sharing modules from a master course privately to Commons, and then loading these modules from Commons into various other courses. The problem I am having is that these modules are tied to outcomes and contain quizzes that pull questions from banks aligned to these outcomes. They work great in the master, but when the modules come through Commons into the other courses, the outcomes and banks don't come through (so of course the quizzes have no questions).


I can put the entire master course on Commons, pull it into the other courses, and then delete the modules I don't need in those courses. Then, the outcomes and banks work fine. But, if I make edits in the master and update the derivatives from Commons, all the content I had deleted as unnecessary in a particular course comes back again -- not cool.


Is there a way to put modules on Commons such that my outcomes, test banks, and alignments are preserved when they are brought into another course?