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Can a student be granted a developer key for developing a App?

Question asked by Alexander Huertas on Apr 5, 2017
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Hello everyone,

      I'm currently a student at Neumont University and is trying to develop a app that students can use to stay on task and help them keep up on LMS assignments. The goal is to have the students see their todo assignments for each course and assignment details, even calendars without having to go back to the website every time. There will be no data manipulation involved.

       I have read up on the API documentation and know that the proper way to get the access token is through oauth2 which is recommended with multiple users. However, I tried implementing it for test , since the app is in the early stages, and don't know where to register the app or get a developer key. I know that its not really recommended to use the auto-generated keys from the student's profile. I only used mine for testing purpose and realize it's not the most optimal way to retrieve data.

         So my question is : as a student can I get a developer's key? Or do I not need that to register my app, if so how do I register the app? If none of those options are available to me, is there a better way than to ask students for a auto-generated access token to use my app?