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Arc and Collections

Question asked by Tim Darrow on Apr 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Gentry Davies

Hey all,

I wanted to see what would happen if I deleted videos from one of my Arc collections after I had uploaded videos to Arc and embedded them in a course. I actually tested this scenario by deleting every Arc video I had embedded into my Spanish course, then reloading the lecture pages to see what would happen.


Initially the Arc videos appeared to be entirely broken. Some of the videos' splash images would load, some would load halfway, and some remained black. When I clicked on them, they all went to a black screen as if they were trying to load. They sat in this state for about twenty minutes, then immediately buffered and started playing all at once.


So after these tests, here are some takeaways that I could use some input on:

  1. According to the Arc documentation, users are able to delete videos from their accounts as long as the videos are contained in other course collections, and the video will be retained. Because of this, what is best practice when it comes to uploading Canvas videos? Should we upload the Arc videos to Canvas using a generic account? Should we use individual accounts?
  2. Once we have included the Arc videos in a course's collection, should we delete the Arc videos from an account's personal collection, or should we keep them in that account's personal Arc collection? (We would be looking at potentially hundreds of videos being associated with a Canvas Arc account.)


As a side note, do any Arc admins know why Arc freezes for about twenty minutes when the Arc videos are initially deleted from an Arc account's personal collection?


- Tim D.