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Is anyone else having this issue with Rubrics?

Question asked by Jason Edington on Apr 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Ken Black

Over the last few days I have noticed an issue with our rubrics.  In the past we were able to add rubrics through the rubrics page of the course ({courseid}/rubrics).  Then from the assignment we could search for the rubric by clicking on the Find a Rubric button.


I am still able to do that.  However, now it shows me the rubrics from the first course that is listed on the left side and not the course from which I am currently working.  I have to scroll down and find the course and click on the link.  Then it will give me the list of rubrics that I created in that course.  


The default course in the rubrics list and the current course don't align.


I have a pretty long list of courses, so it can take me a while to find the correct one.  Is this happening to anyone else, or is this just a glitch in our instance of Canvas?