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Consequences of removing from a Section?

Question asked by Clare Smith on Apr 12, 2017
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I've had a dig around and can't seem to find a definitive on this scenario... 

If we have a course with 3 sections, as below:

Section 1 = all the students on the course (i.e. qualification)

Section 2 = Class group A

Section = Class group B


This means each student is in 2 sections on the same course. This also means that in places (e.g. the Magicmarker that I'm investigating), a student appears twice and you can't distinguish where grades or outcomes are applied - to the student in Section 1 or the other Section they are part of. 


Realise this is something to rectify going forward, but if we were to delete section 1 - are there consequences or is the student data recognised as being attached to the student who is still in the course? 


Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in advance