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Problem importing matching questions

Question asked by Maryann May-Pumphrey on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by James Jones

I am importing a test bank from my course's textbook publisher. The sales rep for the publisher said to use the one labeled Test Bank for Blackboard CE/Vista. It worked great except for the "matching" style of question. Those get imported as fill-in-the-blank questions. Here's what one of them looks like in a Canvas quiz:


Match each of the following terms to its example:
I. database management
II. media management
III. photo editing software
IV. cloud service provider
V. presentation software


A. Keynote
B. Access
C. iTunes
D. Picasa
E. Google


Students then have to provide a fill-in-the-blank answer of the form B, C, D, E, A


If a student doesn't put a single blank after each comma or puts extra blanks at the beginning or ending or chooses some other punctuation style, the question is marked as incorrect, which leads to a lot of re-grading by the instructor. If the instructor attempts to repair such questions in advance of students taking a quiz containing them, even more work is required! The only "workaround" seems to be to NOT use any matching-style questions in the test bank!


The various test banks available from Pearson are at Geoghan, Visualizing Technology Complete


I've contacted Canvas support about this; they're escalating it to their next higher level of support. But in the meantime, I thought I'd see if anyone in the Canvas Community has encountered this issue before.


NOTE: I encountered the exact same problem last summer, when my college was using Catalyst (a slightly modified Moodle) with the Moodle Test Bank from the same publisher. So, it seems that perhaps Pearson Education might be mis-coding their matching-style questions. But there have got to be thousands of instructors using those questions, and neither the sales rep nor the Canvas support team have heard of this problem before. Thus, I'm mystified!