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What data can be pulled for at-risk students? - Asking for new startup

Discussion created by Kim Johnson on Apr 14, 2017
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Hi there,


My name’s Kim and I’m excited to be working on a new startup that seeks to help thousands and thousands of students stay in online learning programs and fulfill their dreams. The start up will be powered by emphatic and experienced ‘‘retention coaches’ who call and make genuine connections with students who are at risk of dropping out to work with them to troubleshoot their learning programs. We seek to bring the human touch to supporting at risk students.


We’re working towards building a portal for our coaches to use - and we’re curious to know what info we could potentially pull in from Canvas API (assuming we have college X on board as a client).


In our prototype portal, we were wondering if we could pull this info from Canvas:


  • If a student hasn’t logged in for X amount of time (say, a week)
  • If a student is behind on their assignments
  • If a student’s grades are suffering
  • If a student is the first in their family to attend college (first generation)
  • If a student is low-income
  • Has this student completed an online class before?
  • Reports/alerts of poor performance from students’ professors


For the past two years, I’ve been a high school counselor in West Virginia. I’m passionate about bringing big hearts and just enough tech to help students reach their goals.


I’d love your thoughts and feedback on what may be possible for our beta app!