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Why is there no way to have groups participate, as groups, in a class-wide discussion?

Question asked by Judy Pine on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Judy Pine

I have divided my class into teams, but all are working on one central project.  I want to be able to require each TEAM to post to a class-wide discussion space, but if I say a discussion is a group discussion the *&%$#@ system promptly makes each group is own isolated discussion space.  I have no way of fixing this, so that I can grade each group, given all group members a Complete mark when ONE member of they group posts to the shared, class-wide, discussion (presumably expressing the position of the group).


I tried to go to request a new feature for this but got an error message.  I know that the request for repeated events on the calendar has gone exactly nowhere, but I'm hoping this might get fixed?


Also, what on earth is I heart pandas, and why is there no longer any simple way to contact tech support and ask for a fix to a problem?