Keith Volk

Microsoft Word documents - How to cut & paste in Canvas?

Discussion created by Keith Volk on Apr 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Lisa Yarnell

I cannot figure out how to cut and paste material from Microsoft Word documents into Canvas without Canvas completely changing all of the formatting of the document (e.g spacing, bullets, indents, etc.).  This even happens when i try to cut & paste material from a collaborative Google doc student site (sponsored on Canvas) to the discussion posts on Canvas.  I end up having to spend valuable time revising the document so it looks semi-professional, when I really need this time to study. The majority of the U.S. uses Microsoft Word for word processing and Canvas should have a way around this.  How do I import Word Document content directly into the body of Canvas (in discussions forums) without completely screwing up the formatting?


By the way, i have tried to save the Microsoft Word documents in several different formats, but this makes no difference. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated.