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Google Drive Submission - Beware .docx?

Discussion created by Stephen Simpson on Apr 12, 2017
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It was tough to find an existing resource on which this little troubleshooting advice would best fit, so I decided to just share it as a 'discussion'. 


A teacher-user was having difficulties viewing Google Doc submissions in Speedgrader via Crocodoc, as shown below:

As a consequence of some really nice troubleshooting by two colleagues (Jim Holland and Kenneth Pinkerton), it was determined that Crocodoc was a bit confused by the name of the submitted Google Doc, which contained .docx in its title.


As I'm sure all Google Drive users know, when you upload a Microsoft Word document to your Drive and then 'Open with . . ." Google Docs, a new Doc is created. That new Doc's name reflects the Word document's name (in this case BiodiversityComparisons.docx). Well, the teacher never renamed the new Doc, so the student's copy of the teacher's Doc was Copy of BiodiversityComparison.docx. Do you see where this is going?

Suggested Troubleshooting

So, it was discovered that this 'extension' language in the Doc's title confused Crocodoc. Once the student removed the .docx from their Doc's title and resubmitted the Doc, Crocodoc was able to render the captured view of the Doc in Speedgrader, as desired and expected. 


Has anyone else out there in the Community encountered this issue?