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1. What was the first app developed by Instructure? (41 percent correct)


Answer: SpeedGrader for iPad.


Yes, it's true, this was the first app developed by Instructure way back in Feb 2011! The Canvas by Instructure app wasn't released until December of that year.


2. What is the name of the main "Red" Canvas app for iOS? (72 percent).


Answer: Canvas by Instructure


The app name has a funny history. In 2013 when the iPad app was released, it was only for iPad, and it was called "Canvas for iOS." At the time, the plan was to rename the iPhone app to "Canvas for iOS" when it became a universal app. Since these were separate apps, no one ever could figure out which one to use, and usage got split. Ultimately they dropped "Canvas for iOS" app and moved everything back to the app we know today, Canvas by Instructure.

3. You can add events to the calendar with the Canvas app for Android? (90 percent)


Answer: True


This is, in fact, true for Android, but not iOS. The iOS calendar inside the app is read-only.


4. As of November of 2016, how many times has the Canvas app been downloaded for iOS and Android? (48 percent)


Answer: 8 million


As of November 2016, the mobile app for iOS and Android had been downloaded 8 million times. This number, as of March 2017, is 9.5 million


5. You can use the Canvas app on iOS and Android in landscape mode? (60 percent)


Answer: False


The iPhone version is not available in landscape. This also includes video support, which needs to be viewed in portrait mode. The iPad version does support landscape.

6. Unlike Canvas for Android, the iOS version allows instructors to attached media to announcements. (69 percent)


Answer: True


The Android version doesn't allow media attachments to announcements.


7. Speedgrader is only available for iPad and Android tablets? (57 percent)


Answer: False


SpeedGrader is available for Android smartphones too.


8. The Canvas iOS and Android apps support CSS? (46 percent)


Answer: True


As of May of 2016, there is limited support for CSS and Javascript for the mobile apps. You can learn more here: Using CSS in the Canvas Mobile Apps 


9. Which of the following tools work natively inside the Canvas apps? Conferences, Collaborations, or Chat (60 percent)


Answer: Chat


Okay, this is sort of a trick question with some gray. The chat tool does use the web, but it doesn't require you to use the full version of Canvas to use it in the app.


10. By default, grades in the Canvas for Android app are _____ in the app's dashboard.


Answer: Visible


Grades are visible by default on Android, but not on iOS. Which one do you prefer?


11. Which version of the Canvas app features the flying super panda? (62 percent)


Answer: Android


Yes, sadly only Android uses the Super Panda. Bring it to iOS!

12. Which of the following mobile features was last added to the Canvas app? (20 percent)


Answer: Modules


Oh boy, this was a tough question! I had to dig in my notes back to the summer of 2012 to find this question. When the mobile app was first released in fall 2011, the big "want" was access to course content and modules. Discussions, announcements, grades, and even inbox were available before course content. This was finally added in the fall of 2012.


13. What Canvas app is currently in beta in the Canvas Community? (57 percent)


Answer: Canvas Teacher


That's right; it's available now! If interested join here: Priority: Canvas Teacher App 

14. In August of 2016, the Canvas app briefly topped what free app in the App Store? (28 percent)


Answer: Google Drive


That's true, and even ahead of apps like Google's search app and Microsoft Outlook. Unfortunately, the app couldn't top Solitaire. (:


15. On iOS, when media is added to discussions, it is: (25 percent)


Answer: displayed in the discussion


On iOS, images are displayed directly in the app. This can make for some visually appealing discussions, but slow load times.


16. Which quiz type is not supported by the Canvas mobile apps? (32 percent)


Answer: Formula


Multiple Dropdown and File Upload were added earlier this year. Also, Hotspot was an option, which was confusing for some since it's not an option anywhere on Canvas.


17. What new assignment feature was released in the Canvas apps last year? (42 percent)


Answer: assignment submission with annotations


Assignment submission with annotations was added last fall. They are awesome, check them out here: How do I submit a PDF assignment with annotations in the Canvas app on my iOS device? 


18. What feature is unique the Android Canvas app? (17 percent)


Answer: Bookmarks


This one was tricky, but bookmarks are unique to the Android app. This allows a user to bookmark any course page in the app. Check it out here: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-4335


19. Across all Canvas Mobile app users, what percentage is iOS? (17 percent)


Answer: 80 percent


The Canvas mobile apps live in an iOS world. Imagine how hard it is for Instructure to make updates when there is a such a reliance on one platform?


20. What current Canvas mobile app will become part of the future Canvas Teacher app? (50 percent)


Answer: SpeedGrader


The SpeedGrader app was the first, but its days are numbered. This will also mark the first time we'll see SpeedGrader on the iPhone.


21. Can users of the Parent app view assignment submissions? (41 percent).


Answer: Not Yet


The Parent app will allow users to view grades and assignment details, but not the submissions, yet.


22. MagicMarker makes it easy to record: (51 percent)


Answer: mastery of learning outcomes


This is the bread and butter of MagicMarker.