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Peer Review Crocdoc Rubric Has Become Unresponsive

Question asked by Kelley Bluthenthal on Apr 19, 2017
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Dear Canvas,


I was assigned to complete two peer reviews using Canvas Crocdoc. Peer review #1 went fine, and I completed it successfully. Then, while peer review was in progress, the rubric became unresponsive about midway through it. I was unable to submit or modify any comments, or select "yes" or "no" responses. I attempted browser refreshing, computer restarts, and tested on multiple computers (Mac and PC) and browsers (Windows 10 and Safari). 


 I noticed that the top of the page had changed from saying something like, "assignment not yet complete..." to "You have finished the required steps for this peer review." However, this is incorrect. I I had completed the rubric.


For the record, peer review #1 was completed on a Mac using a current version of Safari, and went along fine. I completed the rubric first on peer review #1. I made in-text comments first on peer review #2, and attempted to fill in the rubric last, if that is of any consequence.


What do you advise?


Thank you,