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Monitoring discussions in an easy way?

Question asked by Michelle Everson on Apr 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

Hi Everyone,


I'm still new to Canvas, and I realize I probably didn't set this up correctly (and hence made twice as much work for myself at a busy time!).   I am teaching an online course with 190 students.  I'm giving students extra credit for engaging in a certain number of extra discussions, and I'm now finding it challenging to try to tally the number of discussions each student has participated in.  I wasn't completely sure how--or if--I could set up things to feed into the grade book since this is extra, so each discussion forum (there are 15 total forums) is not graded.  I was hoping I could easily go into each forum after today's deadline to simply look at a list--in alphabetical order--of the students who posted.  Is there no way to order things alphabetically in the forums?  It looks like the posts can only be ordered by date, unless I am missing something.   At this rate, it will take a long time for me to go through my student list and mark off who has participated and who has not, and I worry I will miss something in the process!


I feel there must be some easier way within Canvas of creating a report that would easily show, at a glance, my class list, and have some information about how many discussions each student participated in.  I could then just go down the alphabetical list and make note of how much extra credit each student should get.  I do know I can click on People and then look at an activity report for each individual student.  That is nice in that I can see all the posts for each student right there in one place, but there is a lot of going back and forth since I can only look at one report at a time, and there appears to be no forward arrow button that could move me through the reports.  I click on one and then have to go back to the main list to click on the next one.  That too will take a lot of time.  


I hope this is making sense.  Again, I might have shot myself in the foot by not setting this up in the best way, but I am learning!


Thank you!!!