Your Kids’ School-Owned Devices Are Spying On Them?

Discussion created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Apr 19, 2017

A found the following article, and EFF report fascinating. 


Your Kids’ School-Owned Devices Are Spying On Them, Report Finds – Consumerist 

EFF PDF: https://consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/effkidsprivacyreport.pdf 



The learning technology, particularly Google Chromebooks, schoolchildren are required to use every day are some of the worst when it comes to explaining and protecting users’ privacy.


Being in HE, I don't have much experience with mobile devices and the privacy of K-12 students. I'm curious how you feel about that report. 


  1. Do you feel that the report accurate? If not, where are the issues?
  2. Are they being too harsh on Google and their devices?