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Looking for a School to Conduct Educational Psychology Research

Discussion created by Cam Walters on Apr 20, 2017

Hello K-12 Teachers,


My name is Cam Walters. Currently, I am enrolled as a Junior in Pawling High School's Science Research course sponsored by SUNY Albany. The course is a three-year college-level program with accreditation from the University in the High School Program that involves a student choosing a scientific field of interest to study and participate in original research. During these three years, students select a research topic in a science field of about which they are interested and passionate. They are then required to create an original scientific experiment related to their choice. Students continuously read peer-reviewed journal articles pertaining to their topic of interest, to both complete a literature review and to further develop their knowledge in that particular field.

After months of research and reading peer reviewed articles, I have developed a sincere interest in the field of the psychology of group dynamics in the educational setting. Currently, I have been reading literature on designing groups using the Big Five personality test and have developed a hypothesis to base my research upon. I’ve used this knowledge to create a research proposal to test the effects of the homogeneity and heterogeneity of the Big Five personality types on group performance. In this endeavor, I am working with Dr. Alison Irvine (Alison Irvine) and Mr. Jared Stein(Jared Stein) here at Instructure and after the completion of my research, I hope to develop an algorithm to automatically place students in groupings based on a 100-question Likert-scale-based survey. This algorithm will both save time for teachers while to maximize the efficiency of the 40 to 90 minutes a teacher sees a given student in a class. Linked below is a document containing the formal research proposal.

I am actively looking for a school where I could conduct this research. The school would need to have about 250 students per grade or more for statistical analysis requirements. My target age group is 7th or 8th grade. The task would be fun for students and prior to the experiment I would be happy to give a presentation about how scientific research and how it is conducted.

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Research Proposal - Canvas - Google Docs