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Course Navigation API

Question asked by Jason Schaffer on Apr 19, 2017
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Hello All, 


I was recently working with some of our design team and we noticed that the Roll Call Attendance tool was turned on in several of our shells.  Rather than go into every shell and move the tool from the Navigation in the course to the disabled area, I was looking to see if there was an API that I could use to do this on a large scale.  


I tried using the External Tool API already (PUT v1/courses/SomeCourse/external_tools/ToolID), however I either got a notification saying the tool does not exist (I assume because it is setup on the account and not course level), or it did not remove the tool from the navigation pane in the course.  Additionally, there is nothing in the course settings API documentation that would indicate there is a way to adjust the Navigation Settings.  


Any ideas?