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Help - Creating student guide for utilizing "more external tools" for media in an assignment

Question asked by Michelle Meazell on Apr 21, 2017
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Students will utilize an external media tool (Kaltura's CaptureSpace) to record videos and then they will submit to the text entry assignment their written response and then "attach" their CaptureSpace recording.  To get to this file, they use the "more external tools" option.  I can't find a Canvas guide that will help me with this so I wanted to see if someone could give me feedback if the instructions below make sense and is clear!    Thanks!   PS - I'll clean up the graphics a bit on the production version!


After you have recorded your video over at, you'll now want to go to your Canvas Assignment to submit the video and your written response.  


  1. Log into Canvas, go to your course, and locate the correct Assignment.
  2. Once in the assignment, you'll click on Text Entry to begin the next step of attaching your MyMedia video.
  3. Click on the More External Tools icon - the icon in the toolbar.




Next, you will select OU MyMedia (Kaltura) from the drop-down list:





On the next screen - select your video you recorded and uploaded to the MyMedia site.




You can choose the size on the right - it is a matter of preference unless specified by your instructor.  Once you've picked the size, click the Select button. 


The page will refresh and take you back to the Text Entry area of your Assignment.  Make any other changes to the text you need, you will see a grey box representing your MyMedia video.  Click Submit Assignment when finished.



The screen will refresh and take you back to the Assignment details.




ANY FEEDBACK would be most helpful - I haven't had to write any student guides since we have been converting and I'm a bit rusty!!