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Unsupported question types in mobile apps

Question asked by Nancy Webb on Apr 21, 2017
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My question is about what happens when a student takes a quiz containing question types not supported by the mobile app.  For example, matching questions don't work in the Android app (though they do in iOS), so a quiz containing a matching question shouldn't be taken in the Android app.  The documentation for both apps states:

"Any quizzes that do not contain supported question types will be redirected to the web version of Canvas."


It appears that if a quiz contains any supported question types, the student will not be redirected to use a web browser.  That is the experience of one student anyway, who included a screen shot of the situation.  Shouldn't the quiz re-direct to a browser if there are any non-supported question types, even if there are some supported questions?


In her case, most questions appeared correctly, but the matching questions appeared with no answers.