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Can someone explain the difference in the submission listings in a student's history?

Question asked by Bill Pratt on Apr 24, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2017 by Ken Black

I am trying to track down an error that is occurring for some students and can't really determine the answer. However, maybe someone else can.


A student submits work to an assignment and typically, their history screen shows a checkmark under participation. However, I see quite a few students who have other submission entries without a checkmark.


I know that the URL listing shows the domain/courses/courseID/type/assignment#/submissions but what is the number at the end of that URL (the 1139 in the above picture)?


Notice the 71758 assignment has a checkmark for participation but the 52905 does not. Does this mean that the student did not finalize their submission? Have they only chosen the file but failed to hit submit assignment? Trying to determine if the child is not doing the work or if there is a problem.