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How can we type in Spanish in canvas (without spellcheck underlining every word)?

Question asked by Kassandra Cline on Apr 25, 2017
Latest reply on May 1, 2017 by Kassandra Cline

My foreign language instructors want their students to be able to write in Spanish. Right now if they use the rich content editor, spellcheck underlines every word it doesn't recognize, which is most of them. Is there a way to either change the rich content editor to recognize Spanish text or some type of tool that can be used in Canvas - something like the math editor or another app? 

I tried changing the language of the course in course settings and that changed canvas but it did not change the rich content editor to recognize spanish. So, then I added a new "person" in chrome and changed the language to spanish. I then went back into canvas to see if the rich content editor changed also. It worked some but it still didn't recognize many of the words. 

I appreciate any ideas!