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Imported Turnitin Assignment - where did my rubric go

Question asked by Mr. Alan Parman on Apr 27, 2017
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I made a Turnitin assignment with a rubric.  I made the rubric before I added in Turnitin as the submission, like the guides say to do.  I named the rubric and everything.  Then I exported from my sandbox and into my course.  Where is the rubric?  No hint of it anywhere.


 This is supposed to be easy, but for the fourth+ semester I can't seem to get a TurnItIn assignment to work.  I know there are guides but few of my problems seem to be addressed in there.


Is there any hope of me finding my rubric in the imported assignment?  Or will I have to type it all in again?


Perhaps I should create a new question, but also on the import the assignment due date etc was all different from what I made in the assignment settings.  What's up with that?


This is my second problem today - I need another Canvas course about this Turnitin - the first one didn't cover any of this ...


I'll keep searching the guides but any help would be appreciated.