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Badges for Canvas Training Sessions

Question asked by Ken Cooper on Apr 27, 2017
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This is mainly directed toBiray Seitz I believe, as she is very helpful regarding the community badges (in addition to being helpful with mostly everything else, of course). 


I have a quick question about the badges for Canvas Training sessions.  I completed a few of the sessions now that my institution has purchased the training package from Instructure, and I have setup my Credly account (using the same email as in the community here) and I see the badges there.  I have used Credly a decent amount now and have tested sharing the badges to LinkedIn and my Mozilla Backpack.  I can see them port to both places, but I can't figure out how to get them to the community here.


For reference, if you are looking at my account specifically, one training I completed earlier this month was the Outcomes and Rubrics.  I have the badge that shows as "Rubrics" on Credly (Ken Cooper -- Rubric Badge), but when I look at my profile in the community it still shows that as something that I have not yet started. There are a few that I have completed and this issue is consistent across all of the trainings.


I know that this really is not consequential to anything, and is very low priority, I just wanted clarification as to whether I am missing a step or doing something incorrectly on my end that is causing this not to work properly.


Overall, I have to say I love the new community badging system and I think that Instructure has done a wonderful job with it!


Thanks for the help!