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Can TOR browser prevent Canvas from registering a student interaction/activity?

Question asked by Nick Wiltsher on Apr 30, 2017
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This is murky, so far as I'm concerned, and I don't know if anyone will have a clear or definitive answer, but:

---Student had a timed online writing assignment on Friday 28th.

---Student claims to have accessed and written assignment on Friday, but experienced submission problems, and so accessed and submitted again on Saturday 29th.

---Canvas analytics reports no activity or action by the student on Friday 28th.

---Student's explanation: they were using the TOR browser (more specifically, a version of the browser coded to the needs of the company they work for), and so Canvas wouldn't have logged their login.


Now . . . that to me smells ingenious and false, since it's my understanding that even using a browser like TOR can't prevent some site like Canvas (or Facebook, or anything) noting that you logged in at a given time, using your username and password. It could be that the version they're using is coded to prevent that, but it seems . . . unlikely. So, frankly, I think the student is pulling a fast one. But it could be true. Anyone have a strong feeling about this?