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Ability to see where Student and Instructors are spending time within a Course

Question asked by on May 6, 2015
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First and foremost we are extremely excited about having Canvas provide us all of this wonderful data that we can pull and use as our institution deems necessary.


We were hoping for 2 things with Hosted Data Service. One the ability to more easily pull a grades by assignment report, which we are not able to and two be able to see the amount of time that our student and instructors are spending in class and big bonus would be to be able to break that out by the time they spent on each particular page within the course.


Canvas currently gives us the ability to see "Total Activity" time on the People/Course Roster page, but there isn't an easy way to get to that data and then be able to pump it up against other student and instructor data to be able to do some really in depth reporting.


I guess my question here is, is Instructure planning on adding additional tables or columns to tables that might fulfill the need/want of your customers to be able to see where students and teachers are spending the most time within a course?