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Communicating With Students: Calendar

Discussion created by Nancy Biddinger on May 4, 2017
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So, today I sat in a Canvas Training today titled "Course Communications".  It was led by The specified item was not found. and @Erin Wasson.  It was not what I was expecting but it was just what I needed. Janie and Erin guided us through using Calendar, Announcements, Discussions and Chat.  (Our district appears to have disabled the Chat feature, but there is plenty out there to use for effective communication.)  The steps were clear and direct and I was able to feel successful maneuvering the tools.


The part that connected with me the most was the portion on the Calendar.  Our district adopted G Suite for Education as our platform this year and so I've been part of a team that has been doing district wide training on the apps.  One that I've enjoyed sharing is the Google Calendar.  We will be rolling out Canvas in the coming fall and so I'm very eager to learn about the tools.  As much as I like the Google Calendar, there are even more features that our teachers will like with Canvas.  


My first look favs for Calendar include:

  • HTML Editor and all that goes with that
  • Assignments that can be differentiated in a number of ways
  • Scheduler will be extremely beneficial for admins, counselors and teachers setting up conferences
  • The short number of clicks to create, publish and share
  • Syncing to other internet calendars (We use Outlook and Google)


I'm on the lookout for features that empower teachers and will encourage meaningful use and sharing Calendar will be something will be easy to share and support!