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Quiz Time Stamp

Question asked by KATE SCHWARZ on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by TIMOTHY H HASS

Where do the submission time stamps come from for users?  Is this locally from the PC or remotely from the Canvas Server? 


Recently, we had a student who submitted a quiz before the due date, but the time stamp showed it was submitted 20 days after the due date -- and in the future -- and automatically recorded the submission as late.  The course is a technology course and part of the assignment was to explore the computer hardware.  So, the question arose about how the time stamp is derived.


Oddly, the instructor set the end date for the course to be the same time as the time stamp recording the submission.  Coincidence? 


We wondered if Canvas uses the local PC clock and, if so, there is a bigger question.  Could a student do this in reverse and set their local clock in the past to take a quiz that was already past the due date, without any blocks?