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Set upper limit to points earned?

Question asked by Nicholas Jones on May 9, 2017
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Although the article I reference is from gamification, I'm not sure that was the right group for this question, as the faculty member isn't really trying to "gamify" her course so much as provide options to her students. Let me know if this really should be in the gamification group.


Here's what I'd like to do in Canvas:

The class has a 100 points total currently. 60 of those points come from required assignments and quizzes. So, losing 3 points on a required quiz has a negative impact on a student's final grade (at best, they'll earn 57 out of 60. The remaining 40 points come from elective assignments and quizzes. There are more than 40 points worth of electives available. Completing these electives can only improve a student's grade, not hurt it. So if a student missed 3 points on an elective quiz, they can still earn the full 40 points toward their final grade by completing more work. 


The problem:

How do we tell Canvas to only let them earn a max of 40 points worth of elective work?


What I've tried:

Following John Johnston's blog post, Gamified Gradebook in Canvas, I set up two weighted groups: "Required" at 60%, and "Elective" at 40%. I created a non-submitting assignment called "Total Electives," and made it equal 40 points. Since all the assignments are technically out of  0 points, my test student quickly got a 125% in the Total Electives column, which would be equivalent to more than 40 points. 


I am open to any ideas, 'cuz I'm thoroughly stumped on this one.