Cannot unpublish quiz when college's test student started it

Discussion created by JAMES SHELDON on May 7, 2017
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This is a warning to others more than a question.


My college has a "test student" in each class, which, I am kind of deciding is superfluous since there is the preview option and it works just fine but I had not used it to preview a quiz, so my fault.


But, what happened was:


I published a quiz and used the "test student" to try it out and then went to edit to UN-publish the quiz and was not so allowed.


This is totally my fault I should have used the preview and student view as per the Canvas instructions.



To publish the quiz, click the Publish button [1]. Publishing a quiz means that students will be able to see the quiz in the course.

Before publishing the quiz, if you want to see the student view and make sure it appears correctly, click the Preview button [2]. To edit the quiz, click the Edit button [3].

You can also view more options in the Settings menu [4]:

  • Show the rubric for a quiz to evaluate student answers, such as for essay questions (learn how to add a rubric) [5].
  • Lock this quiz now so that students cannot access the quiz once it is published. The quiz title will still be visible to students but they will be unable to open the quiz [6].



The only fix that I could think of was to delete it, which I was allowed to do.


However, when I uploaded it again, it popped in as published and would not let me UN-publish.


So, I am stuck with uploading it just before the time that I was originally planning to publish it.


My bad. lol