student use phone for online quiz if stop can't get back in if one attempt option set

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a student using a cell phone phone to take an online quiz if stops can't get back in if one attempt option set


I do not have this situation but since I just posted a very large online quiz for the first time the "ancillary" discussion elsewhere popped a large flag this morning.


Teachers do not think like students and certainly do not pay attention to the physical "how" of how they interact with Canvas.


Most teachers "assume" that the students are using a computer.


That assumption is quite in error.


I have 48 students in two sections of Canvas and ALL but one uses the cell phone........


But there is a NUANCE to this..... They use their cell phone ....


To LOOK AT their grades, any messages a teacher left, and SOMETIMES to e-mail a teacher.


They do not TAKE TESTS on cell phones, but...... many will soon start.....especially with the advent of the larger format phones.


I have posted multiple quizzes online that had "two attempts" because I was learning Canvas and wanted the students to try the test with confidence and things worked fine.


But.... I DO NOT KNOW how many students may have taken the little five question quiz on the phone!!


But, there is a HUGE caveat in the Canvas instruction manual that the teacher cannot "change settings" if students are in progress of taking a quiz, or if even one student has taken and finished it....


The general idea is that....any attempt to change settings will bollux things up.


In my other post I saw first hand that I cannot change the attempt so I assume I cannot change settings also.


But, THIS then occurred to me this morning.


A student blithely opens the quiz on a cell phone and to his or her astonishment.....the font size may be too small and therefore needs to constantly "squeezed" or... she or he has to do a calculation to enter a number in a box and surprise....the cellphone does not "multitask" well enough to get at the calculator and besides the provided numbers for the equation cannot be seen because Canvas is minimized.


So..........the student closes Canvas on the cell phone and attempts to RE-start it on the computer and cannot... because it is a one attempt option.


THE PROBLEM then devolves to the human instructor and possibly a WARNING that is obligatory to be read before opening a quiz.


A) the instructor has to warn the students many times to not try it on a cell phone because, well, probably there is at least one student not present and didn't hear the warning the first time.


B) the Canvas team does not want the "local entity / college : doing too much messing with the basic structure of Canvas so....the only answer to this conundrum is that the Canvas team

i) build in some kind of "over ride" so that the instructor can void a test in progress

ii) build in a warning that the student must go through before getting into the quiz itself.


Since this is my first BIG quiz and I will be building 6 more large ones per section next fall...THIS inquiring mind wants to know!


Of course if the above remedies are in place somewhere in the deep recesses of the Canvas Instruction Manual then this instructor, for one, would like to follow an appropriate linky!


Hey, I know how to fix the situation for me, so no biggie for me but this might be a biggie for others.


Ain't Canvas GREAT!!!