box saying something "could appear" and test in progress

Discussion created by JAMES SHELDON on May 10, 2017

This is about two suggestions and I welcome comments.

Without getting into details a student's quiz stalled after the first question. she messaged me and I suggested closing the exam, closing the browser waiting a while, message me back and make another attempt.

A) There was no indication in the grades spreadsheet that a test was in progress, this may be because of a copyright infringement thing with BB, which has such a feature, or not.     Or it may be a "minimalist code" thing...don't know..

B) After a few minutes a GREEN TEXT MESSAGE appeared in the upper right corner....

I cannot verify where because it "just appeared" and I cannot re-create the situation.

It said something to the effect of: "an attempt is in progress"

The exam had the option of "one attempt only" set.

I clicked the text and a box appeared asking if I wanted to "allow the student another attempt".

I clicked that and the message stuff  disappeared.

She did not message back but..............since I did not know WHAT WAS GOING ON.... there is no "attempt in progress" message in grades..........I did not want to bollux things up by messaging when she was trying to do something.

About 45 minutes later, can't be sure when, I was monitoring the gradebook........after I reloaded the tab....

The grade appeared.

A while later she messaged.

Not knowing what is happening with things is rather disconcerting.

So, here are two suggestions:

A) Place an OBVIOUS and permanent information box, somewhere, with a permanent message something like:  "watch here for information about students not completing a quiz" or something like that........

B) put some kind of notification in the grades spreadsheet about a quiz "under attempt" or some such.


If anyone has info about something buried in the Canvas info, I'd appreciate knowing it.


Otherwise, Canvas is doing great so far.