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Is it just us? Student does a direct submit to TII

Question asked by on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Ira Strauss

So, I keep struggling with a TurnItIn support issue and was hoping someone had run into the same issue. I've had I think 2 instances now (reported it twice that is..but 4 instructors say this has happened last term and this term) when a student submits their assignment but then it does not show in Canvas and only shows in TII (in the Inbox).


Canvas support on the first instance said the student submitted directly to TII.  On the most recent instance, Canvas said their engineers were talking to TII and that I should log a ticket to TII and then TII said that again the student submitted directly to TII.


I'm just wondering how students might potentially "find" the direct submit option in TII, is there a hole in the LTI somewhere that gives them the TII website when there are technical issues?  It's not easy for a student to find the TII homepage, know to reset their password using the correct institutional e-mail address and then know how to navigate and do a submit, especially since the button within Canvas where they get the assignment instructions are clear.  I've read through the assignments and it doesn't say to go anywhere but Canvas...


I'd love to also know how to identify if a student has directly submitted as well.  Is there an indicator to show it came through the LTI or not?  That would be hugely helpful so I don't have to contact two support desks and waste time if it's an easy fix  Hopefully we can reproduce this scenario at some point but I'd love to find out how students are doing this...they are smart but this isn't easy.  Any tips or similar situations cropping up?  


- Melanie