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Grade Integration Testing Discovery Final Grade

Question asked by KARI JOHNSON on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2018 by Todd Van Zandt



I am curious if anyone has come across this unusual problem. 


We are currently building a custom grade integration between our Canvas and Peoplesoft system. This is not the problem.


My problem is on the GET call for (and this is an example) https://<localhost>/api/v1/courses/sis_course_id:0000PRC.GradeTesting/enrollments


In this course, the possible points are 1000. Let's say I mute a column worth 100 points because I am an instructor grading a final project and I don't want students to see their scores. The mute scores should only prevent a student from seeing that grade. But, should show that grade being calculated into the final grade for the instructor. In fact, it does on the GUI side. 


Problem: When I do an API call above the muted assignment is not calculated into the final_grade. It appears that the system is treating unmuted like a 0 even though there is a grade.


"grades": {
"html_url": "https://<localhost>/courses/23182/grades/2",
"current_score": 100,
"current_grade": "A",
"final_score": 90,
"final_grade": "A-"


Thoughts on this? Am I not understanding the terminology correctly?