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Canvas and gamification 101 question

Question asked by Kirsten Ryall on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Kelley L. Meeusen

I've got a client who has requested some feedback on whether we can gamify an adult learning course in canvas. We have so far only been using canvas for basic learning, leaning content, group work, submitting assignments, facilitated discussions,  a couple of quizzes etc.  It would be good to know if the following is something that could be done within canvas, or whether we would need to invest in any other applications to enable each item.  Great to get some feedback from those with more experience.  We are in very early stage of discussions at the moment, and I would like to know what is possible, what is simple, what is a bit more challenging, what would cost extra $$ etc.


Their request:

Different learning themes with:

  • Online discussion
  • Short Quiz
  • Short essay


What we need:

  • System of badges – where participants would earn their different badges depending on their level of learning completion.

For example:

5 points for each piece completed

10 points for quiz answer correctly

Up to 20 points for theme essay (based on peer- review rating).

  • System of badges also means participant will be levelled up as they progress. For example: small badge, after 20 points, earn bronze badge and so forth.
  •  Peer-Review plug in: this is where peer will review the learner’s essay and give a rating.
  •  Scoring Quiz
  •  Dashboard – showing individual point system, versus the whole group (anonymous)
  •  Tracking of the badges


Any help would be most appreciated.