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Managing similar "ungraded" options

Discussion created by Cliff Cunningham on May 12, 2017
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To all you fine folks in the Canvas Community:


My team and I have been pondering the pros and cons, the dos and don'ts, and the best practices of some closely-related features and settings around ungraded, or zero-point events in Canvas.


These related items are:

1)  You can set an Assignment or a Discussion to be worth zero points.

2)  If your assignment is in any graded form, you can hit a checkbox that reads, "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade."

3)  You can set an Assignment to display the grade as "Not Graded".

4)  You can set a Quiz to be a type of "Ungraded survey".


I would very much appreciate input from all who have used any of these features:

- Which settings do you use?

- Why do you use them?

- How do they differ from each other?

- What are any pitfalls to observe?

- How do the settings interact with each other?


I've begun to collate some detailed points on these items, but would appreciate all input, suggestions or lessons-learned.


(Ultimately, we are hoping to craft a one-page document to provide clarity and guidance to our faculty.)


For items worth zero points:

- Could be used for extra credit.

- Could be used for practice assignments.

- Be careful how these items may interact with the weighting of assignment groups.

- This assignment WILL appear in the gradebook, so long as it is not marked as "Not Graded".


For the checkbox "Do not count this assignment towards the final grade.":

- Could be used to provide feedback for assignments... without impacting the grade

- Is only available for assignments (not for quizzes or discussions).

- These assignments will NOT appear in the gradebook.

- Only appears as an option when the Show Grade As setting is set as anything other than "Not Graded."


For assignments marked as "Not Graded":

- (I searched the Canvas Guides on "not graded" and "assignment not graded"... and I did not get any hits.)

- I tested, and discovered that "Not Graded" assignments will NOT appear in the gradebook.


For quiz type "Ungraded Survey":

- Literally, this could be used for an actual survey of students.

- A checkbox is available, allowing you to set the submissions as anonymous.

- These items will NOT appear in the gradebook.


Outstanding question: Which of these items can be deleted? Will there be any ramifications on the gradebook?




Cliff Cunningham

University of Wisconsin-Madison