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"group" assignments, but with no groups set up...

Question asked by Erik Brunvand on May 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2018 by Alice Enevoldsen

Question about group assignments and comments in SpeedGrader: I made an assignment as a group assignment. But, then decided later to have students turn in individual solutions. So, I never bothered to make student groups for that assignment. I can't change it now because students have already turned things in. But, when I make comments on an individual student's assignment, it doesn't show up in the SpeedGrader sidebar, it disappears and says that it was sent to the whole group. But there is no group. 


Did the comments get sent through the messaging interface to the individual student? Or did the comment just disappear because there was no group set up for that assignment? How can I verify (without unmuting the assignment yet) that the comments aren't just disappearing into thin air? Thanks.