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Reply textbox missing in Discussion

Question asked by C. Blaise Mitsutama on May 14, 2017
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In a published course, the Reply textbox that allows students to add comments in Discussions is missing. So students can read the instructions for the Discussion, but can't add their replies. The Reply textbox is available in the teacher's view. Not available in Student View.

Students had been able to comment in Discussions a week ago. This problem appears to have started this week.

I have:

  • verified that the Discussions are published.
  • verified that the modules are published.
  • verified the Start Date and End Date for the course.
  • added Start Dates/End Dates, and removed Start Dates/End Dates.
  • verified that the Discussions are not "closed for comments."
  • viewed the course in Microsoft Edge browser and FireFox browser. I refuse to install the Chrome browser because on a previous computer it hi-jacked the position of default browser and I couldn't uninstall it, no matter how hard I tried, including registry entries. But that's a story for a different time.

Any ideas?