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Notification link redirect?

Question asked by Stefanie Sanders Administrator on May 7, 2015
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When I get a notification of a reply to a discussion in my email, I click on the "View the full reply" link to open the discussion in a browser. However, if I'm not logged in, I can't participate--and when I click on "Log in" at the upper right, I'm redirected to the community Home Page, which means I have to go back to my email and click on the "View the full reply" link again to get to and participate in the discussion. Is anyone else seeing that? Shouldn't "Log in" keep you on the same page (just as it does in Canvas)?


If I stay logged into the community all day and keep the browser open, I imagine this would mitigate the problem, but I juggle across multiple devices and wind up encountering this navigation issue often. It's especially cumbersome on an iPad.