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Canvas Mobile App

Question asked by Jason Schaffer on May 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Jason Schaffer

Hello All, 


I wanted to see if anyone had any insight to a few questions our school had about the mobile app for students.  Right now, we are looking to see the following:


1. How many students have downloaded it?

2. Is there a way to track who is currently using it and how often?

3. What data is available for this in Canvas?


I have searched around and as far as I can tell #2 and #3 are going to be hit or miss.  Since the Canvas App works off the API it is hard to track what a user has done in the app and where they have gone.  Additionally, it seems that the User Page Views CSV tracks data for app usage as an "Unrecognized Browser".  Are both of these assumptions accurate?  What would be the best way to approach these topics?  


I appreciate the help as always.  



Jason Schaffer