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Comments on Assignments

Discussion created by John Buchner on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Matthew Moore

When we first adopted Canvas, one of the first notifications I turned off was comments on assignments. (I got inundated with students putting their names in the comment box.) What I realized this year, was that I may have missed a bevy of student comments, because it seems if they aren't getting sent to my email, I get no notification at all. I could put this as an idea, and maybe someone has suggested it before, but I don't have a fully formed idea on what the idea is.


Does there need to be another notification for student comments? Maybe on the dashboard? Though there's other alerts I already ignore on the dashboard. So I don't know if they belong there, Maybe in the Canvas Inbox? I could reply to them like an email, though how much comment could I make if I'm not looking right at the assignment. What do y'all do?