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Creating an e-learning resource via ungraded surveys?

Question asked by Lucy Shenton on May 22, 2017
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We have only recently moved over from Blackboard to Canvas and so I am only just getting to grips with the system!


We are looking to design an e-learning style section on a course. We have previously looked into utilising Captivate and simply dropping this into Canvas however, we are faced with some issues (limited reporting functionality largely). We are therefore looking toward the 'quizzes' function - specifically the 'ungraded survey', with this we hope to build content around  a few reflective questions. We do not need to 'mark' the work, all the student needs to have done is to engage with the resources, written some reflection and essentially - looked at each questions/page and written something at each reflective point. Our main concern is that via the 'pages' view they would be able to skip questions?  Is this the case? As our resource will sit in courses we do not have total control over, we will not be able to always hide the pages. Is  this a viable option or is utilising something like Captivate a better option?


Any thoughts greatly welcomed!