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How do I set up Quizzes for a student after the course finished?

Question asked by Brian Noriega on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Teri Ross

I have a student who received an incomplete in my blended course due to medical reasons. He has a limited amount of time to complete the portions of the course he missed. He can view the PowerPoints of the course but the Quizzes show locked for him. I have added a new assignment for just him on the existing quiz and set Availability Dates and a Due date. From reading the Guides I think I should be getting an error if Canvas doesn't like the dates (e.g. after Natural Course concluded date) but I get no errors. The quiz shows as published for me and the student.

My availability dates are from Monday of this week through the end of his allowed time (july) and the Due date is Friday of this week.

I'm a novice user and am sure this is pilot error but I can't figure it out myself. Any suggestions?