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Exporting entire course content

Discussion created by Robin Runyan on May 19, 2017
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In our online graduate programs, we have a very small curriculum team that manages master course templates and course revision implementation.  We provide adjunct faculty a complete course when they agree to teach for us.  We use to insert an actual PDF syllabus document into each course which featured full descriptions of every assignment, all readings, content presentations, point values, and due dates.  This was quite cumbersome as any time even a minor edit was done to the course we would have to update both the course and PDF doc.  This also lead to discrepancies if one or the other was inadvertently not updated. 


In an effort to single source all of the information, we stopped including a PDF syllabus and instead use the syllabus functionality in Canvas.  This has worked very well for the most part, but it has created some challenges as well.  The biggest challenge is that we do not have a hard copy of the course when the course needs revised.  When we used PDF documents we could have the SME send a Word document of the syllabus in the current course with track changes indicating all revisions. The curriculum team could then go in and know exactly what and where to implement the revisions in the master template.  This is no longer an option.  I would love to hear from others who use a master template how you manage and maintain courses, and how you go about implementing course revisions in the LMS.  Thank you!