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How combine statistics from two quizzes

Question asked by JAMES SHELDON on May 22, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by Kona Jones

The college requires submission by the instructor of statistics for certain quizzes.

I can do that with the download of the statistics spread sheet and combining the total correct columns.

However, I would like to "try" breaking a large quiz into two smaller parts.

The pedagogical term is known as "chunking".   And, it produces increased scores.

However, this then presents two separate sets of data when one set of data is required.

I can, of course, to repeat, combine the columns from the spreadsheets for the two small quizzes.

I did a thorough search here using phrases such as "can I combine statistics from multiple quizzes" and found no pertinent comment.



This is quite possibly a unique situation for Missouri.  We have state mandated metrics which must be met from K - "first year of college" and the "years of college" will slowly creep upward as the years progress.  This is all the result of a law passed decades ago.


And.....we do NOT need to get into a discussion about having "exit tests", this is a question about methodology not philosophy.


So, quite simply:

a) is there a method whereby this can be done within the statistics function or some other place and I just could not find it.

b) if there is no such function is this of sufficient interest that such a function should be provided; ( again this may be a situation unique to few states and the allocation of Canvas developer resources might be better placed elsewhere).


BB does not have this capability either.


Hey, I think that Canvas is just "the cat's meow"!


Any comments will, of course be welcome and read.