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Drop lowest score showing odd behavior for different point totals

Question asked by 975236956 on May 7, 2015
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I have my Canvas course set to drop the lowest test score, and I'm trying to figure out how it works with differing point total assignments.  Someone on another thread said it drops the "lowest negative impact" score, but my grade book is showing some contradictory results. 

One of my students has a 0/20 test and a 19/80 test.  The 19/80 is being dropped; it has the most negative impact on the student's grade.

Seemingly in contradiction, another one of my students has a 0/20 and a 33/80, but the 0/20 is being dropped even though 33/80 has a greater negative impact.

For the first student, I tried increasing their grade little by little to see when it would drop the 0 instead of the large exam, and it dropped once it hit exactly 28/80.  So it will drop a 27/80 over a 0/20, but it'll drop a 0/20 over a 28/80.  This seems a little broken.

This is leading to inconsistency in how my students are scored.  How can I address this issue?