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Google LTI Series: Great place to start

Discussion created by Nancy Biddinger on May 24, 2017

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I've recently completed watching the Google LTI Series: Canvas in Overdrive with Google Drive presented by Biray Seitz and Nicholas Demas.  I appreciated Nick's candor of what was great and not as great during the series - that is something to keep in mind when sharing Canvas with our staff.  This series is another excellent resource for our district staff as we roll out Canvas in the fall.  


Our district has adopted G Suite for Education Apps and we have been training on Google Apps this year. The response has been a positive one. I'm fairly confident that we will have teachers who will look at Canvas as yet another requirement.  I've picked up many good tips and strategies from the Canvas LMS Community already on how to introduce Canvas to staff.  Once again, I come to the group to discover helpful information on how to blend Google Apps with Canvas.  (We will have the Google LTI - yippee!) 


My questions for the very robust Canvas Community are these:

  • What would be the first thing you would share about Google LTI & Canvas, what would they be?  Why? 
  • Teachers want to build relationships with students. How can the Google LTI & Canvas support that?
  • Teachers need to monitor groups, projects, discussions. What would you share at the first meeting?
  • Teachers have just begun to use Google Classroom - is there a way to use Classroom with Canvas?  Why would you use it? Why would you not use it?